Fresh Produce Delivery

FrescoPH is an online delivery service for fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and seafoods in Dumaguete city and its neighboring municipalities and cities. It is the first of its kind in its local market and the only existing platform to offer a wide variation of fresh produce and ingredient.

The platform was built with features that allows its shoppers to schedule a delivery, which is very crucial for fresh produce items considering its very short shelf life. It also has multiple payment options for convenient cashless shopping and weight-based delivery fee.

As a unique feature, it also has an integrated "rewards system" that enables all its shoppers to earn points for every checkout and pay their purchases using their accumulated points.

The platform is also configured to have a dynamic option to add geographical locations to its delivery address, allowing the business to exapand its operation exponentially as it progresses.

Challenge & Solution

The most formidable challenge for the business is the delivery lead time for every orders, considering the varying shelf-life of every products showcased in its online store. Our solution is to create a backend system that automatically allots time slots for available delivery schedule. This is also matched with the preparation time, availability and delivery requirement for each product. This feature allows the business to schedule the availability of a product for customers to purchase, mitigating the chance for spoilages along the transport of the orders.

Project Information




Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental Philipppines


May 19, 2020