Fresh Produce Delivery

FrescoPH operates as an online delivery service, catering to Dumaguete City and its neighboring municipalities and cities. It facilitates the convenient delivery of a diverse range of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. As the pioneer in its local market, FrescoPH stands as the sole platform providing an extensive assortment of fresh produce and ingredients to customers.

The platform incorporates features that enable shoppers to schedule deliveries, a critical aspect for perishable items with limited shelf life. Additionally, it offers multiple payment options to facilitate convenient cashless transactions and implements a weight-based delivery fee system.

As a distinctive attribute, the platform boasts an integrated "rewards system" that allows all shoppers to accumulate points with every checkout. These points can then be utilized as a payment method for their purchases.

The platform is additionally designed with a dynamic feature that enables the addition of geographical locations to the delivery address. This flexibility allows the business to exponentially expand its operations as it progresses.

Challenge & Solution

The business faces a significant challenge in ensuring timely delivery for every order due to the varying shelf-life of the products available in its online store. To address this, we have implemented a backend system that automatically allocates time slots for available delivery schedules. This system takes into account factors such as preparation time, product availability, and delivery requirements for each item. By scheduling the availability of products for customers to purchase, this feature effectively reduces the risk of spoilage during the transportation of orders.

Project Information




Dumaguete City, Philipppines


May 19, 2020