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The rise of the internet has been a game-changer for many small and local businesses, especially in the beauty industry. In recent years, we have seen a surge in the number of local beauty brands taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by online selling and social media platforms. NXK8 is one such brand that has been able to thrive in this environment.

Before launching, the owner of the business was selling products online through her personal Facebook account and participating in live selling sessions on various Facebook groups. This was a popular and effective way for her to reach potential customers, but as the demand for her products grew, she realized that she needed a more efficient and professional platform to manage her day-to-day operations.

That's where we came in. After evaluating the business flow and identifying areas for improvement, we proposed building a website for NXK8. This would allow the owner to centralize all of her selling activities in one place and have more control over the customer experience. The website would also help her establish her brand identity and build trust with customers.

The result of this collaboration was the creation of, which has been a resounding success. The owner is now able to run her business smoothly and efficiently, without the added stress of managing multiple social media accounts or relying on third-party websites. She has been able to reach a wider audience and take her business to the next level.


Challenge & Solution

In the advent of technology, the competition in the online space is gradually growing by the day. The most pressing challenge for NXK8 is to stay on top of its competition. Our solution is to focus on building a strong brand identity and customer experience for NXK8, as well as leveraging targeted marketing and advertising strategies. Our comprehensive e-commerce services enabled NXK8 to stay ahead and move faster than its competitors. This is how we care for our business partners, taking their business as one of our own.

Project Information


NXK8 - Beauty | Health | Wellness


Dumaguete City, Philippines


January 8, 2022